One year anniversary at Proximity London!

I've done it- I have now been working at Proximity London for one whole year! The time has flown by and every day I am astounded by how much I have learnt and achieved over these 12 months; I feel incredibly lucky. I have also just started the esteemed IDM course which will really improve my stategic and analytical skills. Proximity have kindly sponsored me to do it and I look foward to its completion in June 2014. I have met amazing people, and had the oppertunity to take part in some fabulous events, conferences and activities externally and internally. One of my favourite external experiences was going to Bournemouth University to talk to students about getting into the advertising industry. Apart from getting valuable experience in public speaking, I met some great people from the industry as well as some up and coming adveritising hopefuls. See below a photo of me doing my presentation:

Internship @ Goller Slater- Jan 2012

I have worked with Golley Slater for three months now, and oh boy have I gained some experience! I have absolutely loved it, and feel like I've had a great introduction to the advertising and marketing world. I have been given more responsibility as time went goes by and I have relished it. So far I've made no significant mistakes! (How many interns can honestly say that?) I have really enjoyed being involved in all the different projects and tasks from the radio recordings, down to marking up that ad for that 5 o' clock deadline. Check out what I have been working on by clicking onto the 'MY WORK' tab above.

INTERNSHIP:Furniture Village @ Golley Slater

For the last 6 weeks I have been working on the Furniture Village account. As Golley Slater is a small company, I am fortunate enough to oversee pretty much everything that goes on, above and below the line. I may have been interning for just under two months, but the extent to what I have learned already is really exciting! I have worked on POS's, catalogues, newspaper and magazine ads, radio scripts, TV copies and the odd product card for good measure. Recently Golley Slater has been preparing for our next FV catalogue during a 2 week photoshoot with the latest Furniture Village products. Go to the 'My Work' collumn to see pictures of my experience in getting those products to stand out and the photo to be just right....

Hello London!

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by the subject of advertising. I was always watching adverts on T.V. or finding posters in the tube, and analysing them: thinking of ways they could be improved, how they affect people and so on. In my second year at Bristol I went on a marketing and media course for a week during the Easter holidays, and this gave me a great insight into what I might want to pursue in the future. I went into it thinking: 'journalism or advertising?'- and came out knowing advertising was just the thing for me.

During my second and third year at Bristol, I worked part time for a company called Clifton Cowley. Clifton Cowley are a group of Technology, Intellectual Property, Engineering, Manufacturing, Design, Chartered Accountancy and Marketing Specialists whose focus is on building innovative businesses. ( My position there was Trainee Account Executive. I was trained in nearly all the subjects mentioned above, however I gravitated towards the marketing side of the company, trying to involve myself as much as I could in Taylor&Taylor advertising. One of the campaigns that I particularly enjoyed overseeing is the 'Yeo Valley' campaign. Despite only working a couple of shifts per week, I accumulated a wealth of experience and training which I really think is a great advantage prior to a potential job in advertising!