About me

Hello and welcome to my site! I built this website using the latest social media building tools- it aims to give an interactive presentation of my skills and interests.

I currently work as an Account Manager at Proximity London, working on Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin - one of the best accounts that I could have hoped for and my journey of learning has been amazing.

I am also a singer, with a background in classical, rock and jazz. I currently take requests for weddings, my most recent booking was held in September down in Dorset. Check out my 'singing' tab to listen to some recordings.


So a bit about me- from the ages of 11-18 I went to an all-girls catholic school in the country which I absolutely adored. I loved the discipline that school offered and I threw myself into everything I could possibly manage from Music to Sport, from Art to Drama. I tried it all- debating, acting, hurdles and even the javalin (these experiments in particular concluded in a reassesment of my talents). I was Head of House and Events Prefect, roles which I cherished and utilised to the the full. After an 8 year rollercoaster of learning, discovery and making friends for life, I eventually came out of school knowing exactly what I love and do best.

Straight after I left school I embarked on my Gap year in which I avoided the full-moon parties and embraced European and World culture. During this time I indulged in one of my greatest interests- the Arts. From September to November I went to Florence and studied Art History at the British Institute combined with a drawing course at Charles Cecil Studios. My experience there was magical; it was the first time I had the opportunity to be really independent, within the safety net of the British connection. Following this, rather aptly, I spent the winter months in London, working in an art gallery in Cork Street called Petley Fine Art. As it is a small company, I had the chance to enjoy a large amount of responsibilty and in three months I felt I had gained invaluable experience.

My next stop was Paris- this was the turning point. I arrived in this beautiful city aged 18, and completely clueless. I did not know the city, the people, or the language. It was to be the most exciting challenge I had ever undertaken and a chance to really grow up. I started a French language course called 'Accord' in the 2nd arrondissement and lived with a host family in the 15 arr. right next to the Eiffel Tower which was fantastic. I met a crowd of really interesting people from all over the world at Accord and it was a great experience. When my course came to an end, I managed to get a job in a cafe, which I decided would be the best way to put my french into practice. I also rented a great little 'chambre d'hote' in the 5th arr. which, being in the student-populated Latin Quarter was an ideal location and near all my friends. I only worked a half day at 'Soup & Juice' cafe so that I had some time to really explore Paris. In my afternoons I discovered practically every museum/gallery/garden/cemetery and attraction I possibly could. Some days when I didnt have a clue what I wanted to do, I would simply hop on the metro and close my eyes and get off at a random stop and explore the area nearby, and really get to know it. Many of my afternoons were spent busking around the Île de la Cité area which I loved. By the end of my 3 and a half months in Paris, I honestly felt I knew it like the back of my hand. I would have stayed in Paris for ever, but my trip to India was set in stone. I shared my adventure of a lifetime with a girlfriend from school. We traveled from Goa, up to Mumbai, around Rajasthan and ended up in Old and New Delhi. I recorded the journey in my India Blog which is shown in one of the columns above.

In September 2009 I started Bristol University, which was certainly 3 years of my life which I will always remember. I studied Theology, a subject which has always fasinated me since school and throughout my Gap year. I was lucky to have a small course with wonderful teachers who made the whole learning experience so vibrant. I made friends for life, joined a number of societies including Ballroom Dancing Team, Entrepreneur Society, and many more- I even joined MassageSoc and learnt all the tricks of the trade. During my second and third year I worked for a wonderful company called Clifton Cowley in Berkley Square in Bristol, whose focus is supporting the growth of new innovative businesses. As I detail in my current 'blog', I found myself attracted to the marketing side of the company (more specifically Taylor&Taylor Advertising) where I learnt a great deal about campaigning and branding. As well as this I was the Editor-in-Chief of an exciting student publication called Intuition Online. I loved maintaining my love for writing throughout my university career- more on this can be found in the 'Intuition Online' column above. My experience of university is summed up in my 'Swansong' article under the Intuition column on this site.